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Here are a few quotes from my patients’ cards and letters that were sent to me over the last few years. I thank my patients for their permission to publish their words:

"I started seeing Noga during a rough and insecure time of my life. During the few years I've worked with her, she helped me find my own voice within all the noises, demands, and needs coming in from the people in my life. She helped me stay focused and true to myself, and to better understand the underlying factors that were dictating my actions, allowing me to slowly change the ones I wanted. Noga was always a great listener, with a lot of empathy, and she gave me a lot of helpful insights and advice along the way."

O.A. (2020)

"Dear Noga, You once told me that psychotherapy is a mix of art and science. I never thought of it before, but this is actually your style of treatment. When I think of you I have an image of a dancer, that no matter how hard and complicated his/her movements can be, to the person who watches from a far, it looks so easy and smooth. Noga, your office room was a place of sanctuary for me. I mean to say, there was love, care and compassion along with right or wrong. To me that means home. I now know how sweet that feeling can be, to feel at home. And I hope to be able to retrieve these memories in time of hardship. Thank you."

M.L. (2020)

"Dr. Niv worked with me over several years. I thought I sought help only for my eating disorder but she patiently worked through layers of self-defeating thoughts and feelings. Through her guidance I grew in every aspect of my life and feel prepared to transition to the next phase in my life in a new professional role and in a new city. I will be forever grateful for her time and patience with me."

Z.E. (2019)

"Our marriage was in peril and with the help of Dr. Niv we were able to save it. Noga was a professional, sincere and rigorous counselor during a very tumultuous part of our lives. With her by our side we were able to successfully overcome one of the worst personal crisis we have confronted in our lives."

S.P.R. (2018)

“Dear Dr Niv, Thank you for these past few months – for so thoughtfully listening to my concerns, helping me discover the sentiments and experiences rooted in my conditions and for guiding me in terms of how to best move forward. In our last session, you told me that you had a good feeling about me and for the first time in a long time I felt it too. Upon walking back to my car I started to cry because I finally felt ownership of a life that is truly and entirely my own. I now walk with the newfound perspective on my life, my journey, and my capacity to love and be loved."

E.E. (2018)

"I initially sought help for stress related concerns in my academic life. Dr. Niv's kind and professional approach created the right environment for me to open up about issues I have been avoiding for years. Beyond aid regarding my initial concerns, with her guidance I was able to choose and reach out to relevant people close to me and begin healing in my personal and familial life as well."

Y.A. (2018)

"Dear Noga, in a way it feels weird to try and capture in a card what our sessions over the past five years have meant to me. I know for sure that I would not have made it through without them. I felt so distraught when we just met, but little by little things got a bit easier, with you listening and gently navigating me into productive direction. I've especially appreciated your wonderful sense of humor which made it a lot easier to share difficult and what sometimes felt ridiculous feelings. Moving on is made a little easier knowing that the insights I gained during therapy will stay with me and continue to give me strength, resilience and maybe even a little wisdom. So THANK YOU for that."

J.L (2017)

"I would like to thank you for all your help during these past two years. I’ve so often been impressed by how clearly and acutely you were able to understand the challenges I faced, and how insightful and to the point was your advice on how to deal with these challenges. This incisive nature of the sessions has been most effective."

A.C (2016)

"Noga was my therapist for many years.  She helped me greatly with my crippling anxiety.  She created a place where I could be comfortable talking about issues where at first I could hardly get any words out of my mouth.  I am much better off today because of her."

C. F. (2016)

"I was privileged to have Dr. Noga Niv accompany me throughout a challenging period of time in my life. She was there for me, to actively listen to my stream of thoughts, to hold my uncertainties and my frustrations, and to be my sounding board. She was there, both in heart and in mind, providing insights and invitations to look at my life from different perspectives, while also emotionally holding my heart and my wounds in a delicate and thoughtful way. She was attentive, patient, and caring. I am forever grateful and appreciative of the way she supported and accompanied me in my journey to self-growth and healing."

N.M.B (2014)

"I was a client of Noga for several years. I started seeing her shortly after my divorce, when I was pretty broken. Noga helped me build my self esteem and deal with some depression and anxiety. My life improved significantly in all aspects. With Noga’s help, today I am happily married, raising a daughter and have a career I enjoy"

I.S. (2014)

"I have been Nogas patient twice in the last 10 years, each time for a couple of months, and on the last period she supported me in one of the most significant junction of my life. Noga is a very professional, authentic and supportive therapist. I carry her words, empathy and character with me.
I highly recommend her."

I.L (2013)

"I'm glad a friend recommended your services to me. During the year long sessions I learned so many things about myself I didn't know. You helped me regain the strength and confidence that I had lost. You challenged me to see the other side of the coin. You helped me to confront my self, which was not way at times. Thank you for helping me during such difficult time in my life. I now feel strong and truly happy."

D.R. (2013)

"Dr. Niv was our marriage consultant for over a year.  We found her to be a thoughtful, insightful and knowledgeable Psychologist, who was eager to work with us to find balance in our lives.   We highly recommend Dr. Niv as an excellent therapist!."

A.B, M.B. (2013)

“The word thank you is not enough to express my gratitude. I have no doubt that without you I would not be where I am today. Your faith and support in the process and me helped me to grow personally and professionally.  I feel privileged that I had the opportunity to be your client for the past 4 years.

“Thank you for everything.”


“Somewhere along the fine line of searching for a solution to a personal difficulty and deeply understanding oneself you have crafted a new dimension and led me feel and then take control of the power that naturally resides within each person. Our three and a half years long journey was a continuous discovery of the fabric of my life put in a light that otherwise I would not have been able to perceive. This was really hard work and at times I did not see where it would get better. But my depression and sadness in life has changed into hope and positive outlook. You are a true healer and a person who I will forever cherish in my heart. Words aren’t enough in conveying my thankfulness, love and respect for you.”


“You are an integrate part to my journey towards self discovery. I really appreciate your gentle guidance. It is not the end of the journey but I feel a Thank You is due to say at this juncture. And on I go…using my baby steps.”

S.G.N. (2012)

“I appreciated how accepting, warm and caring you always are. Your office felt like a safe place to discuss openly whatever was holding me back.

“Over the years I have talked with you about a variety of concerns and questions. You were willing to talk about any issue I have been struggling with and helped me open my mind to new ways of considering it.

“I particularly appreciated your help in my first year or two of college, when I was challenged by being away from my parents, dealing with homesickness and the struggle for healthy self-definition. With your help, I felt that I was able to hit my stride, so to speak, finding a great deal of confidence and discovering that California no longer felt like my home away from home —it just felt like home. I remember how difficult a lot of aspects of life were during that time, since I was still in the process of overcoming anorexia. I had support from many directions in overcoming the disorder, but your help and support as a major part of my success in finally shaking it off. Thanks again for working with me for the past several years, and I hope all the best for you and your family in the years ahead.”

H.M. (2010)

“I appreciate your help and insight in helping me to overcome some of my childhood traumas and experiences, to recognize my childhood, the child I didn't really get to be, and the grief that I needed to feel. It was a powerful and healing experience in working with you. Some of the things you told me come to mind and help me in my life now. I'm married and have two small children who are so beautiful. Having children has also helped me to remember the child I was (and to hug her!)”

S.J.E. (Mar 2008)

“Thank you for all your help—I will always look back on the things I learned from your sessions. I am sure I will find much greater happiness because of your help.”

I.W. (Sept 2007)

“It is extremely important for me that you know how you have contributed to my internal experience…Thanks to our work together my life is better, my relationship with my wife has improved, and I see things from a different perspective.”

A.S. (2005)

“I want to thank you for the support you gave me in the last two years. You helped me overcome the depression and helped me step in a much more mature and confident way into my next phase in life. You were there in difficult times but also helped me realize moments of happiness and joy…. I will never forget you.”

I.L. (2005)

“Thank you for being there at a most vulnerable time in my life. Thanks to you I have learned self love and know that I deserve better…. I'm not the kind of person who trusts easily and gets along with people, so I sometimes marvel at the fact that I got so lucky with you. Your attitude/personality/demeanor/therapy style was exactly what I needed to get my life in order. When I walked into your office, I had no idea who I was or what I wanted. I remember telling you, bad things just happened to me, almost as if by accident. Well, through our sessions, I learned that I did have control over my life and felt empowered to finally do something about it. It saved me. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

G.S. (2004)

“Now as I sit and think about how I have changed over the years…I want to thank you for helping me realize many of the changes I feel most proud of and that affect me most profoundly. Because of our work together I know myself better, I take better care of myself, I find it easier to be who I am…”

S.G. (2003)

“Thank you so much for all of your help. I truly appreciate your expertise, your perspective and your concern. You definitely have a gift for this psychology thing…I am sure you could do many things as a career, but fortunately for me you have chosen this career. You have made an incredible impact on my life. Thank you.”

M.O. (2003)

“Thank you very much for being so thoughtful, caring and wonderful. You have helped me so much through the years.”

K.W. (Dec 2002)

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