Noga Niv Psychology

Noga Niv, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

Education and Training

- B.A in Behavioral sciences, Ben-Gurion University, Israel (1982)
- M.A in Psychology, Tel Aviv University, Israel (1986)
- Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, CA (1996).
- Pre-Doctoral Fellowship at Stanford Counseling And Psychological Services (CAPS) (1997)

- License: Clinical Psychologist in California: PSY15499 , since March 1998

Post Graduate Training
- Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training, PAPPTP, 2007-2009. - Gottman Institute Couple’s therapy Phases 1 and 2,  2010 - Jungian Seminar. Summer training given by the Jungian Institute of Zurich, 2000. - Object Relations Seminar . San Francisco Psychoanalytic Society 2001.
- Gestalt Therapy a year long training Gestaly Institute of L.A. (1982-1983)
- Three Gestalt Summer Training in Europe (1982, 1985,1990)

My postgraduate training through the last years emphasizes my general tendency to integrate humanistic and psychoanalytic approaches into the clinical practice. I tend to treat my patients as client-centered and my goal is to tailor the correct approach to suit the individual needs. Some people may feel more comfortable working within the frame of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy while others will seek a deeper understanding of their symptom’s roots and would prefer expanding their awareness through dream analysis and experiential work.

Noga Niv, PhD

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